Why Blog At All ???

I realised that i wanted to blog when two eggs blew up in a microwave oven!

Er ..  bit of an explaination is needed i guess!

Well here goes!

We in  5 A Jains Antariksha Building in Kodambakkam decided that we  had had enough of Dravidian Food and that we needed to revolt. We decided to cook.

Now we are handicapped by the fact that our combined culinary skills can fit into a chickpea shell and leave enough room for a pea as well!

One of the first things that we decided to do was to boil an egg.

I distinctly remember that i did not have the slightest urge to boil eggs. I maintain to this day that i was tricked into boiling the egg by my friends ( for want of a better word!)

One moment i am holding a packet of ready to cook meal ( drooling away at the prospects of getting on the outside of a Cholay meal ) and the next i am holding two eggs!

Now it is only fair that i mention that i was warned about the consequences of boiling eggs in the Microwave.

One pranav ( Smartass) dixit told me to take cover before the eggs explode.

Divya, slightly, constructive suggested the wisdom of just boiling the water and then immersing the eggs in the water. I am yet to figure out how the eggs were to become boiled. Would eggs boil if i just stared at the ( i doubt it. Eggs are notoriously thick skinned ( read shelled).

All wisdom, however, comes from actual experimentation. So i scoffed at the warnings and plonk the eggs in a bowl of water and then consign them to the torrid interiors of the Microwave.

For a good five minutes nothing happend and i was just begining to smirk at the ignorance of my friends. then ..

Bhadaaaas !

Two nano seconds after the eggs explode pranav starts on a most irritating litany of ” I told you so !” ” I told you so !” . There was a strong urge on my part to ask him to shut up. It is however inadvisable to tell people to shut up – especially when you have blown up a couple of eggs in their spanking new Microwave. So i shut up.

Then followed an hour of messy business with water and a mom. We will draw a veil over the whole business. Suffice it to say that the kitchen smells like a  poultry farm that has been through a hurricane. 

Immediatly it occured to me that i needed to let other people know about the Case Of The Exploding Eggs!

And thus this Blog .

Read and be warned. Do whatever daring thing you may but NEVER BOIL EGGS IN A MICROWAVE!

Now excuse me i need to use a room freshener. It may be all in my mind but i distinctly smell eggs in the air !



  1. sanguinstu
    Posted October 13, 2008 at 4:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    gud work.. its an interesting way to describe ur encounter wid eggs.. er, i mean boiling eggs!!
    kip up d eggy gud work!!

  2. bossie
    Posted October 14, 2008 at 12:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    good job done…ur experience comes thru very clearly. . .

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