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RAHMAN returns to chennai with his Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire

Its five thirty in the morning and  I have just now returned home after a tiring shoot.

We were covering A. R. Rahmans return to chennai.

It started out pretty sane with a small crowd … it ended in an almost stampede!

the crowd was berserk…. India at its best. total chaos!

I Am so happy we managed to get his Byte and  a shot of the two Oscars in his hands.

It is another matter of course that i  might need another kidney ( i took two solid elbow jabs in all the pushing around that took place!) and my right hand biceps have grown by an inch from holding up the Video camera in the air for close to two hours at a stretch! But what the heck… am sure am not going to come within sniffing distance of two shiny Oscars in a hurry!

For the record Rahman does not look 42 at all! More like early thirties!

The media was in full attendance. NDTV, CNN IBN , Times Now, local channels and BBC radio and of course Good old ACJ Television( Saqib Iqbal Ahmed, Pranav Dixit, Ishita Bisht and Indrojeet Kundu) , Radio (Dipti, Nalini V, Siddhartht dutta , Mukhtaar) and new media( Najeeb,Siddharth KG, Surabhi, Dennis Sollomon, Mayuri )!

It was perhaps our first taste of Kollywood, Bollywood hysteria and what the Media can stoop to when push comes to shove! ( pun intended!)

Well thats all. Birds are all chirping, the sun is rising and people getting up to face a bright morning…. i guess its time for me to sleep!

p.s. Do u have a spare kidney?