Drinks, Cigarettes and Greek Women — Steer Clear!

A word of warning for Saturday night revellers.

Try not to drink.
Try not to Grope beautiful Greek single women in the bar.
Try not to smoke.
And whatever happens try not to do all of these things together, unless of course you fancy yourself as a kebab!

Okay this is not idle chatter this is a serious true incident that will make your flesh crawl.

The Telegraph UK reported today that a certain Marina Fanouraki, a Greek woman accused of setting fire to British holidaymaker Stuart Feltham after he allegedly groped her in a bar has formally pressed charges of sexual harassment against him. ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/greece/6005226/Greek-woman-formally-presses-charges-against-Crete-burns-victim.html )
It seems that this young Brit was on a holiday and started getting ideas after he had downed a few drinks and got to see Ms Marina.
If you believe HER version all that the lady did was to ” only throw a Sambuca drink over Mr Feltham after he drunkenly fondled her”. She insists that she did not set fire to him. According to her the chap (who must have the IQ of a moth-ball, which has never been to school!) lit a cigarette and then went WHOOOOSH!
The chap went up in flames and word has it that no more hair grows on his chest!
If you believe HIS version then the details are a little changed. Apparently the girl is a sort of pyromaniac. She saw him at the bar and decided he would make a good bonfire, so she doused him in alcohol. While he was still wallowing about in a spirited way (pun intended!) she offered to light a fag for him but ended up putting a light to his alcohol soaked body! The whole episode leaves a dark impression on my mind and of course second degree burns on the body of Stuart.

The father of the kebab… Er Stuart says that the attack was “unprovoked” and that his son “never laid a finger on this girl”, a claim that may be technically correct, for all we know! ( If he had laid a finger on the girl I might have been tempted to say “man burns finger while molesting hot lady”)

The case is in progress and Stuart’s legal team is looking to get an adjournment so they can have a few more drinks .. er .. no .. get his clothes examined to see what fluids had been poured on him.

No matter what the outcome of the case, I feel there is an important lesson here for us.
Do not mix Drinks, cigarettes and Greek ladies. They do not seem to go down well together! Hic !



  1. Mahim Singh
    Posted August 10, 2009 at 7:30 pm | Permalink | Reply

    u wrote that saquib? u write fuckin good man…will have 2 change my opinion abt tv ppl man…really good

  2. saqib ahmed
    Posted August 11, 2009 at 10:07 am | Permalink | Reply

    Tnx tnx! Ya i did write it! We TV people ( not that i am much of a TV guy now… more of a New media chap now!) have hidden depths ! BTW i had asked Sashi to give me print but he gave me TV, probably because of my looks. How are things with you?

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