The Mystery of the Vanishing Water-Tank Cover

Life is full of surprises. And there is no limit to how low human beings can stoop to make an extra buck!
Just take the case of the mystery of the missing water-tank cover!
This morning, when i left the house i was the proud owner of a water-tank and a water-tank cover. Little did i know that elements of the under-world were lurking all around the house, on a sharp lookout for a chance to De-cover my water-tank.
Now, i have it from my house-mate that around nine in the morning a strange lady rang the bell and gibbered at him in some unknown language. She seemed agitated about something and kept pointing towards our water-tank and then towards the road. My roomie, who was busy playing online poker failed to catch the subtle hints and told her “Come tomorrow!”.
Readers please do not doubt the sanity of my Roomie . Consider this . My roomie comes from a civilised city where they do not steal water-tank covers at the drop of a hat. He could not have imagined that the lady was gibbering away about nefarious elements walking off with out water-tank cover! Besides he had pocket Aces in the poker game he was playing and must be forgiven if he hurried back to his room without noticing the coverlessness of our water-tank.
Presently the water-tank is covered with a broken window! We are still in discussion ( my roomie and I) whether it is a good idea to go and whack a water-tank cover off some neighbour! I like the idea on principle but insist that we not try the stunt on a neighbour who seems to have a large dog whose sole aim of existence is to bark at strangers!
If u see any suspicious looking character walking bowed under the weight of a water-tank cover please call me. And if u have a spare water-tank cover, please let me know!


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  1. Tanveer
    Posted September 2, 2009 at 9:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Check with Rohit and Abhra!!

    While staying at Satya Niketan , Delhi they were experts at siphoning of water from a neighbouring Sardarji’s tank..

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