A Stinking Cuban shortage

And now for the economic lesson. if you do not balance your Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments you may end up with a stinking problem on your hands.
Much like Cuba, today.
Reuters on Monday reported that officials from state-run Cuban companies have said that the country, well known for its cigars, is running short of toilet paper and may not get sufficient supplies until the end of the year.
The report said :

“Cuba’s financial reserves have been depleted by increased spending for imports and reduced export income”

( http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUSTRE5792F420090810?feedType=nl&feedName=usoddlyenough )

Its good that it is settled as to what has caused this shortage of toilet-paper. Left to myself i might have jumped to the conclusion that Cubans were visiting the pot more frequently, since that seems the most logical explaination for shortage of toilet paper.

Another thought that strikes me at this time is – will Cuba become the first country to approach the IMF for a toilet-paper-aid? How come India missed this one? Obviously because most of the country relies on water ( And that explains the state of our rivers!)

Cuba, the report said, both imports and produces toilet-paper. At this time it does not have sufficient raw materials to produce its own toilet paper. Thus the shortage.

For those Cubans, and i am resonably sure there are not many, who can keep from visiting the pot till the end of the year, everything is just fine. For the rest this is one stinking economic problem.

As an afterthought i would like to ask… Could this mass shortage of toilet paper have implications for newspaper sales going up in Cuba?


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