The naked Truth

Word has it that Visitors to New Zealand hotels are very upset!

And you cannot blame them after what happened recently.

Reuters on Wednesday reported that an extremely drunk, naked man lost his way at a New Zealand hotel and ended up sleeping in the wrong room, forcing its female occupant to hide in the bathroom. ( )

Imagine the horror of it.
You are buzzed with all the work and finally decide to take a break and take a holiday. You go to sleep with the intention of getting up early to see the sunrise.

In the middle of the night you are woken by this awful snoring!

And you turn in bed, only to see a buck naked man sleeping away to glory in the very bed you are shelling out good money to sleep in.

I am tempted to believe reports of many tourists in New Zealand suffering from nervous-breakdown. The strange bit is that these people broke down even before they saw the bill for their stay!

Reuters reported that the man, who did not have any clothes or a wallet on him, could not remember what room he had been in .
Perfectly understand … If i found myself naked in bed with strangers in a strange bed, i would try to forget about it pretty quickly too!

Nudists will be happy to note that the man was let off after the hotel and the guest, into whose room the man had barged in, did not press charges!


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