THE BURNING TRAIN ! (our burning shame !)

courtsey PTI

courtsey PTI

BANGALORE – The world has different ways of protesting against things they do not like.
Some choose to fast, some write letters to ministers, some throw stones while some even stay silent.
In India we like torching public transport vehicles.
On Tuesday The Times of India carried the story of a mob of students setting fire to four AC bogies of Shramjeevi Express at Bihta railway station, about thirty-five kilometres from Patna. ( )
The report carried Superintendent of Railway Police (Patna) U K Singh’s statement that a group of students boarded the air-conditioned compartments of 2392 New Delhi-Rajgir Shramajeevi Express at Ara railway station and tried to grab reserved seats. Apparently the group of students got into a rumpus with security personnel after the were asked to hop off the train at the next station.
The students seem to have been angered by the behaviour of the security personnel, clearly someone not a local, who exhibited oodles of ignorance in not knowing that in Bihar there is no such thing as train reservations.!
In the scuffle that ensued, it is alleged that a student got injured and then what followed was not a surprise.
Angry students then smashed the window panes of the superfast train and torched the AC coaches at Bhita, the cop said.
If I were not from Calcutta the news might have struck me as strange, but coming from the City of Joy the incident is hardly news!
In Calcutta bus burning is a regular hobby.
People get up in the mornings, look at their appointment diaries and see that they do not have much to do… so they decide to burn a bus.
A bus ran over some innocent soul – lets burn the bus.
Price rise?— burn a bus.
Taslima Nasreen creates a controversy with her statements.. burn two busses.
Nothing to do … er .. burn a bus.
What I find amusing is how people get drawn in by crowd mentality.
People who by themselves would not have dreamt of lighting up even a cigarette think nothing of torching a whole bus depot, when in a crowd of sufficient numbers.
Every year the government loses huge amounts of money due to damage to public property, which could be easily avoided.
This should be reason enough for the government to take stern action.
People need to be impressed with the idea that actions like burning a bus or burning a train cannot be justified, no matter how great the provocation.
How would you feel if someone came along and set fire to your house or car, just because they were angry with something you said or did ?
We live in an enlightened age. We have access to some of the best tools of learning. We should take the opportunity to ignite our minds… not ignite trains and busses!


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  1. Arundhati Ramanathan
    Posted August 28, 2009 at 4:18 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Well said squib!
    In Tamil Nadu we fist smash the bus to smithereens then burn it, you would say waste of time..but more coverage from media you see.

    These guys who burn stuff..their ass’s must be set on fire!

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