Apple September Event — An Apple a Day!

I Love Apple. Today at its music-themed September media event the company lifted the curtain off a a sexier line of its iPod. The company unveiled new designs for every model of the popular media device.

The company’s legendary co-founder continues to show that Bloomberg was really really jumping the gun when it accidentally released his obituary in 2008. The man is alive and kicking! and he is going wild!

“One of the secrets to the iPod’s success… we have never rested on our laurels. Every year we have tried to improve iPods. This year we have gone wild. We have all-new design for every single model of iPods. It’s the biggest change in the iPod line-up ever,” Jobs said at the event.

What’s more interesting is that the company continues to bust myths.

Take for instance today… Apple broke through the $50 barrier with its new iPod shuffle.

The New iPod Shuffle sells for $49 and has 15 hours of music in a tiny package. Attaboy!

and finally the world famous

“We have one more thing. Actually it’s one more hobby. Of course we are talking about Apple TV.”

The company is introducing the 2nd generation of its Apple TV today.

The New AppleTV a quarter of the size of the old one. HDMI, Ethernet, and WiFi. All HD. All rentals. Amazing.

And its so tiny that one Tweeter notes…

“Gasp. Apple TV is so small, I’m…tweetless…” well, I am not surprised!

and Steve continued

“It’s silent cool and tiny.”… and apparently “You can rent first run HD movies at $4.99”!


well after all this I am sure I am an Apple fan! Shareholders do seem to agree as Apple shares were up $7 or 3 percent at $250 in midday trade Wednesday on Nasdaq!


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