Fowl play, cries the tiger !

I don’t know if you are really in the know, when it comes to the feline world, but things are in a pretty bad way. The fourteen hundred or so Indian Panthera tigris
are just about ready to curl up and throw in their paws. For years a persecuted lot, the tiger, has never had it so bad. The tiger, though not a chicken-heart, can only stand for so much.
It is not exactly everyone who can see the humour in having anorexic kids (a juvenile goat… not what you are thinking! Duh!) tied under trees and then when you take the merest sniff at the meat, to have the brave shikari take pot-shots at you from the safety of a machan. I mean, one moment you are the king of the jungle and are ready to tickle your tummy with a nice appetizer, the next you are a moth-eaten ball of fur mounted on the trophy wall. But at least there is some dignity in such a death.
And even though some people go on and on (a certain Mr. Corbett for instance! ) about how they tracked you and dispatched you to your maker, it is okay. Every bit a painful state of affairs no doubt and enough to make any tiger frown and somewhat spoil the ‘immortal symmetry’ that has been so cracked up about.
But mark you (in stripes, if you are so inclined!) the tiger has always taken many insults and insulting people in its stride. (And some unfortunate ones in its maw)
The important thing, is that there is some dignity in being slain by a creature that can at least do calculus. It’s a fair battle, a match of wits that can have but one victor. But what do you call it when a mere chicken takes a pop at you and sends you howling to the pearly gates. Utter humiliation. Well that’s what happened.

The DNA on Thursday reported that veterinarians have confirmed that four-year-old tigress, Divya, of Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bangalore, India, died of diarrhoea triggered by feeding on chicken infected with salmonella bacteria. [ ]

How is a tiger to hold its head up in such circumstances? Hounded everywhere, for fur, paws and claw, the poor tiger can now not even take a relaxing snack at KFC without being consigned to diapers and then to a grave! Will he not hear a sly sniggering every time he passes the chicken coop? Yes. He will.
With the chicken playing foul, and the government already taking steps to ban cow slaughter, the poor tiger has but two choices. Either he turns vegan or curls up and dies. And will anyone mourn the passing? Not likely. Possibly the exchequer will throw a party with some of the money saved from not having to conduct tiger census year after year! On top of it all word has it that Tiger (Woods ) is thinking about changing his name to Cheetah !


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