The (I am not making this up !) News – Vol. I

THE WORLD, SEPT 21 – Some people just do not know how to utilise all the unused talk time on their mobile phone calling plans. Take for instance the 42-year-old man in Singapore who decided to use some of his unused minutes to place a call to the police emergency hotline 999, about a non-existent bomb at a hotel. At the time of going to press the man, if convicted stands to be fined up to $100,000 or be jailed for up to 5 years or both. One expensive prank call this!


Talking of expensive mistakes, the Commonwealth Games in Delhi could be termed as one too. On Tuesday a footbridge near the main stadium collapsed, injuring more than 20 people, and leading people to question if other structures such the stadiums can be relied upon to stand the strain of the games. The president of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Mike Fennell, said the newly built village had been seriously compromised and conditions in the residences had “shocked the majority” of overseas officials. Unconfirmed reports said that Fennell has suggested that audiences at the games be banned from loud cheering, clapping, whistling, stamping of feet and heavy breathing lest it result in the stadium falling on their head.


There is, however, plenty to cheer at the London Fashion Week. After years of painstaking research and path breaking creative thinking wig-maker Charlie Le Mindu has managed to achieve the ultimate in Haute couture.. nothing! Mindu broke tradition by making his models strut down the catwalk completely naked, said London’s Metro newspaper. It seems the jury is still out, unable to make up their mind if Mindu’s designs are copied. “When I saw this nude model walking down the ramp, I thought to myself… I have seen this look somewhere!” One, however, cannot but feel relieved that the models were naked, considering that this is the same Mindu who at last years fashion week had produced a headdress made of real mice and rat carcasses. At least rodents will approve this year’s designs!



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