The (I am not making this up !) News – Vol. II


Nobody seems to know what Kim Jong-un looks like. Except JournoOnTheProwl !

Everybody in North Korea seems to be in a tizzy about Kim Jong-un, the heir apparent in NK. The communist regime is preparing for a dynastic third-generation power succession and media houses are tying themselves into knots wondering what this guy looks like. Apparently it’s been a long time since Kim Jong-un smiled for a photograph. The most current photograph of the future leader happens to be from more than 10 years ago, when he still used to wear half pants. And no, he does not seem to have profile picture up on his Facebook account. And the mystery is not going to get any less mysterious any time soon. Intelligence sources in Pyongyang say that photographing Kim Jong-un is going to be frowned upon when NK’s political elite meet at a rare ruling party meeting on Tuesday.
“Photographing Kim Jong-un has been restricted to prevent public exposure of the heir,” JoongAng Daily reported. A well made point, after all who likes exposing their hair to the public?
The JournoOnTheProwl blog, however, believes it has acquired off the internet, a very authentic photograph of what the future communist leader looks like. Do take an exclusive look !

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Talking about pictures, you cannot stay in the movie business for long without having a little bit of the drama rub off on you. Well, that’s exactly what seems to have happened to Los Gatos, California-based online movie rental company Netflix Inc. On September 22 Netflix launched an online video-streaming service in Canada for films and television.


All perfectly sane till now. Here is the funny part. The company hired actors to give media interviews gushing about the video subscription service’s arrival in Canada! The company even provided actors with scripts and urged them to fill a variety of stereotypical roles, including “mothers, film buffs, tech geeks, couch potatoes,” according to the one-page handout given to them.

Apparently reporters grew suspicious when one 24 year old man claimed to be a mother of three and a diehard NetFlix fan. Preliminary investigations revealed that the chap had unfortunately got his instruction sheet mixed up with a lady and was trying to do the best he could in the circumstance with the role he ended up with.
Suspicions were further aroused when certain members of the audience kept parroting the same line again and again. “Wow! What a company! Wow! What a company”


Things at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters got really exciting after The New York Times on Sunday reported that A few years before Apple introduced the iPhone, research engineers atNokia prepared a prototype of an Internet-ready, touch-screen handset with a large display, which they thought could give the company a powerful advantage in the fast-growing smartphone market. Former employee, Ari Hakkarainen told NYT that the product was shelved by Nokia management because they feared that it “could be a costly flop.”

Apple’s Steve Jobs, was reportedly very excited when he read the report. A source with little knowledge of the matter said that Jobs has asked two of his most trusted Vice Precedents to do nothing but stand outside Nokia meeting rooms and take careful notes of all products that Nokia rejects.



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  1. Divya
    Posted September 28, 2010 at 3:41 am | Permalink | Reply

    I have a feeling the North Korean secret service is gonna come looking for you … anytime now …

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