More Monkey Business at Delhi CWG

Apparently there is more monkey business afoot at the Commonwealth games.

The New Delhi Municipal Council has decided to ‘deploy’ langurs to guard the Commonwealth Games venues in New Delhi. Initial reports suggest that these primates are supposed to chase away monkeys. It seems that NDMC already has 28 langurs, which are used to scare monkeys in VIP areas of the Capital. (These cousins of monkeys chase away other monkeys so that VIPs can indulge in their own special brand of important monkey business!)

The Hindu reported on Tuesday that the number of langurs on duty with the NDMC is expected to go up to 38, with the addition of another 10 langurs.


When contacted the Municipal Council clarified that nine, and not 10 langurs were going to be recruited. The Hindu seems to have got its numbers mixed up.

The confusion, however, is very understandable. The Hindu correspondent got thrown off the track about the number of langurs being hired because the NDMC issued a photo of Suresh Kalmadi standing along with 9 langurs. Ahem!


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