The Curious case of Wavey Davey

I am sure that the fact that Wavey Davey has gone to jail for 24 weeks will leave many unmoved ( and most wondering who the heck Wavey Davey is! ) He will, however, leave behind a huge void in the world of entertainment for Kiddies.

Sky News Online, on Monday, reported that David Simpson, who said he could barely walk and claimed £35,000 in benefits while secretly working as a children’s entertainer under the alias Wavey Davey, has been jailed.


The scam that went on for at least nine years must be the fanciest move ever pulled by Simpson, a former gymnast!

It seems Simpson was undone based on an anonymous tip-off.

JournoOnTheProwl understands that the unnamed source must surely be one of Simpson’s ex-patrons. To anybody, who has studied the matter in any detail, the probable sequence of events is quite clear.

I for one can see the scene unfolding before my eyes.

Four year old child asks Simpson to do that insanely funny trick where he makes a face like a monkey and hops around on one leg.

Simpson gives the child a smack on the head and tells him to go and hide himself where the sun does not shine.

Child warns Simpson.

Simpson takes the warning for an idle bluff.

Decides to call the bluff… at which point the child returns the favour by calling the police.

And the next thing Simpson knows… he is looking at 24 weeks in the Can!

Authorities apparently did not take kindly to evidence showing Wavey Davey, ( what a name) performing a tandem skydive at the time when he was drawing dole for not being able to walk for more than 20 or 30 feet without pain.

Moral of the story is that if you want to pretend to be disabled.. that’s ok.. but try to avoid the temptation to perform skydiving stunts while others are watching. Also it’s a bad idea to get on the wrong side of a 4 year old tyke.

There is, however, a bright side to the whole affair. Inmates at the prison that Wavey Davey will soon be favouring with his society have cheered the news of his sentence.

The popular opinion is that with Wavey Davey on the premises, there can never be a dull moment at hand.


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