Sign of the (iPad) times !

People do weird things to get autographs and to preserve them. In an effort to create a permanent reminder of her favourite singer, a woman is known to have gotten a tattoo on top of a Paul McCartney autograph on her back!
Interesting but passé!

Why mark your skin when you can use your iPad to get and preserve an autograph?
That’s exactly what Sylvester Cann IV did when he wanted to get the autograph of arguably the most powerful man on planet Earth.

According to a Techcrunch report Cann may be the first person to be able to get the Barack H Obama II to sign on an iPad!


This just leaves me wondering — how lucky Apple has it.

Companies spend millions of dollars and drink endless cups of disgusting coffee in an effort to come up with adverts that can catch eyeballs. Apple on the other hand makes its products and throws it to the market. Then all it needs to do, is sit back and enjoy while people do all kinds of crazy things with it. What great free publicity!

What a charmed life Steve Jobs leads!

Check out the video:-

And here is Cann’s mini-site set up to mark the event


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