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When Weiner called Clinton

For a long time now, I had been wondering why Rep. Anthony Weiner, a seasoned politician and a technophile at that, would jeopardise a perfectly good marriage (yes you cynic, there are such things) and a great political career, by doing something as idiotic as tweeting a pic of his package.

But now it is all clear. Right from the start, the poor guy did not have a chance. I understand President Bill Clinton officiated at his wedding with Huma Abedin. Not a good omen, is it?

But honestly, whatever faults Clinton had – and he had plenty (including, not knowing what not to do with a cigar tube) at least he knew how not to confuse a tweet with a DM.

I am just trying to imagine what Weiner’s talk with Clinton might have shaped out:-

Tony: Hey Bill

Bill: Hiya

Tony: You know, I just wanted to ask you… How did you manage to keep your affair so quiet?

Bill: Well, for one, I am not a big fan of sharing stuff online, I prefer doing things the old fashioned way. Also I was on Orkut at that time.


Bill: Also, You know you could have said you never lied. The legal definition of lying does not fit ‘evading the truth.’

Tony: Double damn!