RT Kenya Or How Twitter helped find a cow!

  1. Here are two @AP photographs of 
    Francis Kariuki, the police chief who is helping drive this change in Lanet, Kenya.
  2. The AP story from February on Huffington Post. (where else?)
  3. And here is today’s Al Jazeera tweet about their story.
  4. kimctzee
    Interesting story from Lanet region of Kenya on Aljazeera. Twitter used as local law enforcement tool:cows found & stolen chairs returned.
  5. Check out this video to see how Twitter helped to track down a cow !
  6. desunovabeach
    Chief Kariuki of Lanet,is hereby acknowledged to be the official Kenya Twitter Chief..its a commendable initiative..he deserves a medal..
  7. And here is the link to the Twitter profile of the Kenyan police officer.

  8. And his tweets ! Go follow #FF
  9. And Kenyan police has its own handle on Twitter.
  10. Which, of course, means instant feedback !
  11. chitabkitwek
    There is a cop doing some great job at the junction and rapta rd. Minimal traffic leo @KenyaPolice
  12. And then a pertinent question!
  13. s_ochieng
    FoodForThought: should you be scared or feel safe when @KenyaPolice is following you on Twitter?
  14. And pat comes the reply!
  15. And when does Twitter become more than just twitter?
  16. mwambua
    Just heard Kenya ranks 2nd in twitter usage in Africa. Now lets use it to drive the good governance agenda shall we?
  17. But of course, everything has its downside, especially technology.

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