Horst Faas dead: The man who could make even war look beautiful

  1. Horst’s 1965 Pulitzer winning photograph: 
  2. slyon66
    The great @AP photographer Horst #Faas is dead at 79. Warm, funny, friendly and formidable, he’ll be missed, RIP. http://nyti.ms/LtBy1I
  3. Alex_Ogle
    Horst Faas’ obituary written by his old friend Richard Pyle, AP’s Vietnam reporter and Saigon bureau chief 1970-73 http://apne.ws/IWMQNX
  4. David Kennerly
    More on Horst Fass, AP photographer, editor, and one of the best newsmen I ever knew.
  5. Robert Bostick
    I was just reading about Horst Faas recently this is sad news. Another giant no longer here.
  6. KristinGazlay
    Farewell to @AP’s legendary Horst Faas, dead today at age 79. He was special, as this link captures in his own words: http://bit.ly/JgdMXa
  7. theJeremyVine
    Pulitzer prize-winning Horst Faas is dead. Headed AP picture desk in Saigon for a decade from 1962. Took this pic. http://pic.twitter.com/H4JeGj0w
  8. You can check out some of his best photographs here!

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