Guilty Verdict in Hudson Murder trail – Tracing the tragedy

  1. BreakingNews
    Jury convicts Jennifer Hudson’s former brother-in-law of murdering her mother, brother, nephew – @AP
  2. HarveyLevinTMZ
    William Balfour just convicted of 1st degree murder in deaths of Jennifer Hudson’s family members…no death penalty. max is life in prison
  3. ComplicatedPOET
    Finally JENNIFER HUDSON Got Justice! After FOUR Yrrs Theyve Found The Murderer Of Her Mother,Brother And Seven Yr Old Nephew, Smh.Thank GOD.
  4. ErinlovesBSB
    So happy justice has been served to Jennifer Hudson’s family. I know this won’t bring her family back, but at least can’t hurt anyone else.
  5. franch3lla
    Prayers go out to Jennifer Hudson’s family. It doesn’t bring them back but hopefully it’ll bring a bit of peace.
  6. BBCBreaking
    Brother-in-law of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson guilty of killing her mother, brother and nephew. Details soon
  7. It began with this 911 call.
  8. Police enter the home belonging to Jennifer Hudon’s mother (below), who was found murdered along with her son.

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