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An up and coming journalist! Reuters journalist reporting on US Equities from Bangalore.Views expressed are my own and not that of my employer :-)


When you get shift allowance after three weeks of night shifts.
When weekly shifts are handed out!
Before and after my shift.
Filing Olympics stories.

Shift Handover time.Shift Handover time.

P.S. The cat gifs are all off the internet, I only supplied the captions.

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Filing the news

Filing the news.

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Guilty Verdict in Hudson Murder trail – Tracing the tragedy

  1. BreakingNews
    Jury convicts Jennifer Hudson’s former brother-in-law of murdering her mother, brother, nephew – @AP
  2. HarveyLevinTMZ
    William Balfour just convicted of 1st degree murder in deaths of Jennifer Hudson’s family members…no death penalty. max is life in prison
  3. ComplicatedPOET
    Finally JENNIFER HUDSON Got Justice! After FOUR Yrrs Theyve Found The Murderer Of Her Mother,Brother And Seven Yr Old Nephew, Smh.Thank GOD.
  4. ErinlovesBSB
    So happy justice has been served to Jennifer Hudson’s family. I know this won’t bring her family back, but at least can’t hurt anyone else.
  5. franch3lla
    Prayers go out to Jennifer Hudson’s family. It doesn’t bring them back but hopefully it’ll bring a bit of peace.
  6. BBCBreaking
    Brother-in-law of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson guilty of killing her mother, brother and nephew. Details soon
  7. It began with this 911 call.
  8. Police enter the home belonging to Jennifer Hudon’s mother (below), who was found murdered along with her son.

The treacherous world of URL spoofing

  1. Here is the story as it appeared on the newspapers website.
  2. But wait a minute! The story popped up in shared links on twitter with a disturbing URL.
  3. If you look carefully at the URL it now reads
    The headline part of the URL says “Acha Huwa margaya saala,” which is Hindi for “It’s good that the jerk died.” 
  4. And so … Not long before people are questioning the news organization’s bias in having named the URL so inappropriately!
  5. DivyaReports
    @ainieas @SaqibReports @bobbymacReports Good Lord ! Is the Express online team to blame for that url?
  6. romenesko
    @bobbymacReports @AntDeRosa @DivyaReports @ainieas @SaqibReports On it now. Thanks for hedz-up.
  7. But wait! Is the appalling URL for real ? Absolutely not!
  8. SaqibReports
    FYI the Indian Express “mar gaya saala” story is a hoax. You can put anything in that url as long as the last number is correct.
  9. SaqibReports
    @bobbymacReports you wrote “Is there any way that someone outside the Express could have changed the URL?” That’s what set me thinking!
  10. The newspaper’s online stories have URLs that are divided into three parts:  Eg.    obama-supports-gay-marriage/  947899/

    The middle section is the headline.
  11. But the headline section of the URL can be changed and the URL would still kink to the story on the newspaper’s website.So could become
  12. Equateall
    @IndianExpress I find this URL I received was a hoax played on people. So, I regret writing that tweet to you. I am withdrawing it.
  13. myersnews
    @bobbymacReports @DivyaReports Structuring URLs this way has a valid purpose; you can change headline w/out breaking all inbound links.
  14. Read the story about what happened here: 

Horst Faas dead: The man who could make even war look beautiful

  1. Horst’s 1965 Pulitzer winning photograph: 
  2. slyon66
    The great @AP photographer Horst #Faas is dead at 79. Warm, funny, friendly and formidable, he’ll be missed, RIP.
  3. Alex_Ogle
    Horst Faas’ obituary written by his old friend Richard Pyle, AP’s Vietnam reporter and Saigon bureau chief 1970-73
  4. David Kennerly
    More on Horst Fass, AP photographer, editor, and one of the best newsmen I ever knew.
  5. Robert Bostick
    I was just reading about Horst Faas recently this is sad news. Another giant no longer here.
  6. KristinGazlay
    Farewell to @AP’s legendary Horst Faas, dead today at age 79. He was special, as this link captures in his own words:
  7. theJeremyVine
    Pulitzer prize-winning Horst Faas is dead. Headed AP picture desk in Saigon for a decade from 1962. Took this pic.
  8. You can check out some of his best photographs here!

RT Kenya Or How Twitter helped find a cow!

  1. Here are two @AP photographs of 
    Francis Kariuki, the police chief who is helping drive this change in Lanet, Kenya.
  2. The AP story from February on Huffington Post. (where else?)
  3. And here is today’s Al Jazeera tweet about their story.
  4. kimctzee
    Interesting story from Lanet region of Kenya on Aljazeera. Twitter used as local law enforcement tool:cows found & stolen chairs returned.
  5. Check out this video to see how Twitter helped to track down a cow !
  6. desunovabeach
    Chief Kariuki of Lanet,is hereby acknowledged to be the official Kenya Twitter Chief..its a commendable initiative..he deserves a medal..
  7. And here is the link to the Twitter profile of the Kenyan police officer.

  8. And his tweets ! Go follow #FF
  9. And Kenyan police has its own handle on Twitter.
  10. Which, of course, means instant feedback !
  11. chitabkitwek
    There is a cop doing some great job at the junction and rapta rd. Minimal traffic leo @KenyaPolice
  12. And then a pertinent question!
  13. s_ochieng
    FoodForThought: should you be scared or feel safe when @KenyaPolice is following you on Twitter?
  14. And pat comes the reply!
  15. And when does Twitter become more than just twitter?
  16. mwambua
    Just heard Kenya ranks 2nd in twitter usage in Africa. Now lets use it to drive the good governance agenda shall we?
  17. But of course, everything has its downside, especially technology.

Move over Superman, SuperMoon is here!

Here are some of the most stunning photographs of the Super Moon as it makes its way through the skies around the Globe.

  1. The @Reuters Story and some brilliant photographs via @ReutersPictures
  2. Super Moon to light up night sky this weekend

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A “super Moon” will light up Saturday’s night sky in a once-a-year cosmic show, overshadowing a meteor shower from…
    1 like
  3. And then some more brilliant photographs curated from various sources.
  4. PlumFitz24
    RT @thedancelectric: #SuperMoon tonight by the Eiffel Tower, Paris…just Wow!

For the rest of the Story visit :

DealBook’s book deal report.

Screen shot of DealBook's book deal story..

Screen shot of DealBook's book deal story..


What is the most that anyone has spent on publicizing a book that is yet to be written? No idea? How about $2.2 billion?

When Greg Smith wrote his Goldman Sachs and the muppets NYT OpEd,  the resulting bad publicity cost Goldman Sachs a drop of $2.2 billion dollars in market cap.

Take a look at DealBook’s book deal report.

I am thinking it would have been better for GS if they had given Smith a cool billion dollars to go play around with as long as he did not besmirch GS’ good name.

It’s just a thought, you know. It probably does not work like that. But what do I know I am not even as smart as a Muppet!