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How To Go From 0 To 1000 Hits On Your Blog, In 5 Easy Steps !

Ready ? Here goes !

STEP 1: When it comes to blogs. Content is king! Every time. If you write about rubbish, most probably that is what the number of hits on your blog is going to amount to. Write about interesting stuff. Stuff that’s in the news. Stuff that’s controversial. Stuff that will fire up the imaginations of readers and force them to click madly on your blog and reap lots of greenbacks for you!

When deciding on what to write about, it is a good idea to look around and check what the topic of the day is. Check what is trending.
It’s simple. If you write about your running nose, you might attract a few hits from an up and coming pharma company but that is about it. If you want to get hits till your brain fairly bubbles over, write about the Republican Party nominee Christine O’Donnell’s dabbling in witchcraft! See! I can already see you Googling Christine O’Donnell! Way to go!

STEP 2: Promote your blog. Face it . You are not Lady Gaga or Shah Rukh Khan. Unless you hold a gun to peoples head they are going to pretty much ignore whatever it is that you have been churning out on your blog. So promote your blog aggressively. Many of you have told me that they find it awkward to talk about their blog. Nonsense. It’s the simplest thing. Just slip it into the conversation.

Here is a plausible scene.

You are at the funeral of your friend’s favourite grand mom:

Friend: “Am so sad my grand mom popped off!”

You: “Yes very sad. Now who will read my JournoOnTheProwl.wordpress blog?”


Your friend is telling you about how she fell off a ladder and hurt her back.

Friend: “OOooh AAH .. my back hurts real bad.”

You: “I am sorry to hear that. Which reminds me .. just this morning I was writing on my blog that Agatha Christie is such an amazing writer.”

You get my drift, right? Just innocently toss your blog into the conversation.

STEP 3: Use the social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to popularise your blog. It works like this.

Once you have written something, post it on Facebook. And threaten to delete your friends from your friends list unless they click on the provided link. Then Tweet about it for about 20 times a day at intervals of a few minutes. This is to ensure that even the most attention-deficiency-stricken follower may realise that you are trying to get them to read something. Works all the time! You of course run the danger of losing a few followers who might get irritated with your incessant tweeting… but what the heck! Am sure you will agree that we have no use for followers who cannot take the rough with the smooth.

STEP 4: Submit your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo search. This will help get more hits to your blog. Once this is done go to random people’s blogs and write replies to their posts. Leave a link to your blog. Nothing in the world works like flattery. 9/10 people will visit your blog just to check out who you are and why you should have honoured them with a visit. See that’s 9 hits already!

STEP 5: Comment, reply and chat with people who visit your blog. Build a conversation. Search sites like Google, love it when they see a buzz of activity.

Lastly, just love what you are doing and it will translate into number of hits on your blog.

Of course there is a secret Step 6 that is only meant for advance Bloggers. This consists of going to your own blog and clicking on random posts whenever you have a few minutes to spare!


Make your Blog Earn!

Make your Blog Earn!