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DealBook’s book deal report.

Screen shot of DealBook's book deal story..

Screen shot of DealBook's book deal story..


What is the most that anyone has spent on publicizing a book that is yet to be written? No idea? How about $2.2 billion?

When Greg Smith wrote his Goldman Sachs and the muppets NYT OpEd,  the resulting bad publicity cost Goldman Sachs a drop of $2.2 billion dollars in market cap.

Take a look at DealBook’s book deal report.

I am thinking it would have been better for GS if they had given Smith a cool billion dollars to go play around with as long as he did not besmirch GS’ good name.

It’s just a thought, you know. It probably does not work like that. But what do I know I am not even as smart as a Muppet!