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What’s in a Name?

WARNING: This piece contains Graphic language. Readers, below the age of 18, are requested to go away and grow up, before coming back to read it.

Sometimes, I cannot help feeling that we Indians take ourselves too seriously. Take the case of this New Zealand television host being suspended because he could not help cracking a joke or two about Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s name.

Paul Henry, a breakfast host for the state-owned broadcaster TVNZ, apparently deliberately made fun of Sheila Dikshit’s name and kept calling her a variety of names including “Dip-Shit” and “Dick-Shit.”

I understand that the Indian administration did not take kindly to the remarks by Henry and summoned New Zealand High Commissioner Rupert Holborow.

I just can’t help imagining the dialogue that must have ensued.

INDIA: Hi! This TV anchor of yours, has insulted a minister from India.

HOLBOROW: Oh! I am sorry to hear that. Tell me what happened?

INDIA: Well he called her Dick-Shit!

HOLBOROW: What! Oh my God! What’s her name ?

INDIA: Its Dixit.

HOLBOROW: Er.. Really ?… But isn’t that what he called her? Dick-Shit? What is the problem here?

Well, I grant that the TV anchor was pretty obnoxious and all that, but lets face it. We do have some really funny names. I mean can you honestly look me in the eyes (or at least at my outdated Gravatar on this blog!) and tell me you have never thought a funny thought, when you came across someone called ‘Sukdeep” or “Hardik” or “Sadiq” ? Admit it, you were laughing your guts out when Russell Peter was cracking his jokes about funny names!

Take for instance my name. Half the Americans I have talked to, find it hard to believe that somebody called Suck-Ib, actually exists!

So, I don’t think, this name thing is such a big deal. I take umbrage at the fact that the Henry chap said that Indian streets are full of shit. What crap is this? I mean if the comment came a few days earlier I would have understood, but now? Just when we cleaned the streets for the Commonwealth Games? Not done!

Anyway it seems Paul Henry has gotten himself in Dickshit! (A tweet by a twitterati says so!) That also without coming to India!

The anchor was suspended. Hah ! He should have known better than to mess with an Indian politician. Ask any government minion, these politicians have simply years of experience in getting people suspended and transferred. In fact, Henry should count himself lucky. If he had been in India, I am sure he would have found himself transferred to some Maoist-infested area!

P.S. Talking about envoys and ambassadors, I hear that the British High Commission is looking for Suresh Kalmadi. They seem to want to haul him up on a serious charge — attempt to give Prince Charles a heart attack. Apparently, in a speech Kalamadi, mistakenly thanked Princess Diana for being present at the opening ceremony of the Delhi Commonwealth games!

Here is the video of Henry Paul’s comments!