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If You are a Drunk Male in the age group of 25-34 planning a boat trip, think again!

July 2 – The Canadian Red Cross, a leader in water safety in Canada, has released a drowning trend report, it had formulated over a period of ten years.
“Choose to leave the alcohol on shore, wear your lifejacket and plan to return to shore while it is still safe to do so, ( … while you are still alive.)” it said in a news release on Thursday.
The report reveals many startling facts. It states that about 39 percent of drowning cases involve a boating-related fatality. Another interesting fact it revealed is that about half the people involved in boating drowning were either definitely drunk or were at least suspected of being under the influence.
The report suggests that about 2,000 boating deaths may have been prevented if people paid more attention to lifejackets and less to alcohol.
Readers may be surprised to know that non-swimmers and weak swimmers are most at risk of drowning as they are less likely than other victims to know how to wear a lifejacket.
The report will bring cheer to the fairer sex, since it states that males in the age group of 15-24 are at greatest risk in case of unpowered boating fatalities. The report also said males in the age group of 25-74 are at greatest danger in power-boating accidents. The report did not say that this might have something to do with not many males above 74 going in for power-boating.
-Saqib Iqbal Ahmed